Alison Angel Bikini Shot

I love chicks in bikinis… Starting with Alison Angel.

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Here is a great history of the bikini…

The modern bikini was born out of the aftermath of World War II, when French engineer Louis Réard unveiled his revolutionary swimsuit design in Paris in 1946. Réard wanted to create something daring and risqué, that would make waves in the world of fashion.

At the time, old-fashioned one-piece swimsuits were still the norm for women, covering most of the body. Réard’s design was skimpy and scandalous by comparison. It comprised just 30 square inches of fabric – “smaller than the world’s smallest bathing suit,” he boasted. Réard named his creation the “bikini” after the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific, where the U.S. had recently tested atomic bombs.

When Réard first showed off the bikini at a fashion show, it received plenty of attention – both good and bad. Most saw it as outrageously revealing. By exposing the navel and much more skin than what was acceptable, the bikini was considered indecent by many. But it also symbolized the dawn of a new era as old taboos were shattered in post-war society.

Although controversial at first, by the 1960s the bikini had become popular, especially among the younger generation looking to break free from past restrictions. It was a statement of women’s liberation and shifting social attitudes about beauty and sexuality. Over the years, bikini styles have evolved – from the tiny, triangle tops and bottoms of the 1960s to the Brazilian cuts, bandeaus, and more full-coverage options of today.

While no longer as shocking as in 1946, the bikini remains an iconic symbol of summertime fashion and female confidence. The man behind the original, scandalous design – Louis Réard – had pioneered a new freedom in swimwear for women that continues today. His bikini left a lasting impact on fashion and culture worldwide.